ISO 9001:2015
Across India
90+ years
MTI Presentation

Balancing machine for turbo chargers

Suitable for the series balancing of Turbochargers and their components (Turbine Wheel Shaft and Compressor Wheel). High-performance and automatic machines with the possibility of manual or robot piece loading and unloading. They are made for measurement and correction on a single plane or on two planes, and are able to cover the entire range of pieces available on the market (weight, size and shape). Productivity up to 50 pieces/hour for high speed machines, and up to 120 pieces/hour for component machines. All the machines are designed to make a fast, simple and ergonomic equipment change. Each piece of equipment, designed and calculated by our technical department, allows the unbalance reading to be optimal, in the working range defined by the customers for each of their applications. The software, entirely designed by CEMB, includes many features dedicated to the turbo world, developed over the years of collaboration with the main manufacturers. In addition, the machine can interface with the company server for sending and managing production data.